Brightleaf Square Durham, NC 27701
Food has and always will play an integral part in my family memories. We are a family that likes (okay, loves) to savor every bite, to treasure the story behind the food, the history of a dish or recipe. Travel, holidays, weeknight dinners or big Sunday suppers- food is the one constant and never-changing in our busy lives. My hope is that you and your family and friends will be be reminded fondly of a great food memory, or create some newer ones.
We have carefully cultivated what we believe to be a great collection of artisanal products, both local and imported. Each one was chosen to complement our oils and vinegars, and offer our guests both in-store and online, a shopping experience like none other. Our Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils are sourced seasonally, by hemisphere, and as such, we offer only freshly harvested and pressed oils to you. With all the attention paid to where olive oil comes from, is it really extra virgin? how can you tell? we want our customers to be certain we are dedicated to providing the latest and most up-to-date nutritional and sourcing information available. We believe that healthy and tasty can go hand-in-hand, and that simplicity equals elegance. Experimenting with different pairings is encouraged and the possibilities are endless. Whether you're marinating in our luscious Black Mission Fig Dark Balsamic or Black Cherry Dark Balsamic, creating a craft cocktail with the decadent  Peach White Balsamic or Cranberry-Pear White Balsamic, roasting vegetables or chicken with Milanese Gremolata Infused Olive Oil or simply drizzling of one of our exquisite Ultra Premium Extra Virgin olive oils over a baguette- we've got a flavor to satisfy your palette. (Did we mention how good these are over ice cream?)
We opened our storefront is historic Brightleaf Square in Durham in August 2016. Durham is well known for its world-class restaurant and food scene, from restaurants to food trucks to farmers markets. Brightleaf Square was the perfect fit of Old World charm and downtown revitalization. My husband Wayne created most of the fixtures in the store, you'll find my grandparents kitchen table as a display and pictures from a memorable trip to Italy on the walls. My hope is that all of these things combined with our products and our staff knowledge and true passion for what we do comes across to each and very customer. We're located in Historic Brightleaf Square 905 W Main St Durham, NC 27701 
 We are happy to be here and hope you enjoy our shopping experience!
Julie Steinhauer