905 W Main St Durham, NC 27701 (984)888-0549
Where are you located? We have a brick and mortar store in Historic Brightleaf Square in Durham, NC. Our street address is 905 W Main St Suite 20-I Durham, NC 27701.

What are you store hours?  Currently we are open  Monday-Friday 10am-6pm and Saturday 11am-5pm. We are closed Sunday. Check with us on our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) during holidays or special occasions. ***** 

Who do you use to ship? We use the United States Postal Service to ship our products. We chose the USPS for several reasons, one of which is the low-cost of shipping using flat-rate boxes, which helps keep costs down. Our flat-rate shipping charge is $13 per box. (see below)

How much product can I ship for $13? You may order five (5) 375 ml bottles or six (6) 200ml bottles per box for one flat-rate fee of $13. Please note*** this is pricing for bottles of olive oil and vinegar. Shipping prices may vary based on size of order. You will be notified by email and/or phone call if there is a change in shipping charges.  For basket shipping, please contact store for pricing 

When will my package ship?  Once we process your order, we'll notify you that your order is on the way. Turnaround is dependent on time of year, but we strive to satisfy order within 24 hours during store hours. Please note during the holidays this may change.

I saw something in the store that I don't see on the website. Are you able to ship items other than oils and vinegars? Yes and no. Most products that are available in the store will also be available online. However, sometimes we have products in-store (such as cheese and chocolate-especially during warmer months) that require special shipping methods that greatly increase the cost. If there is something you simply must have (and we understand that!), please contact us and we will make every effort possible to make that happen.

Are you able to do special orders for products? YES! Sometimes you'll see something that you just have to have, whether it's a larger size or you really like our fustis (lovely stainless steel canisters we store our oils and vinegars in). We are happy to make every effort possible to make your special requests a reality.

Returns Policy At this time, we will only accept returns in-store within 10 days of purchase, in the original condition, untampered with. However, we recognize that sometimes things happen- and item may be labeled incorrectly, an item may contain an allergen that could affect the recipient, etc...If this should happen, we'll make every effort to work with you to rectify any issues. In the rare instance we cannot replace an item, we will issue a store credit for purchase amount.

Do you do wedding/corporate/specialty gifts? YES! We have many options for every budget and would love to work with you on any project you have in mind. Contact us and we'll get started on making your vision a reality and for bulk pricing.

Privacy and Security Our website is SSL (secure sockets layer) protected. We do not resell your personal information to anyone.